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dental implants
Dental Patient Education: Implants ( Video )

What is an implant ?

An Implant is essentially a titanium post that is surgically placed in the jaw. A prosthesis (artificial tooth/teeth) is attached to the post. Implants are primarily used to replace missing teeth. They are of various kinds and made of a biofriendly material which is principally titanium.

Who is a candidate ?

Anyone who has one or more missing teeth can undergo dental Implants provided adequate bone and healthy gum tissues are present. A thorough medical and dental health examination is required to be done by the dentist before advising Implants.


CASE 2: Central incisors tooth / root fractures.

Atraumatic tooth extraction # 11 and
# 21: Flapless immediate implant placement, 2 NobelReplace
Tapered, WP.
  Products used: 2 NobelProcera Abutment Zirconia, 2 NobelReplace Tapered WP and 2 NobelProcera Crown Alumina.   Results: NobelProcera Crown Alumina (Graft for soft tissue thickness).

How long does it take ?

Dental Implantation is essentially a 2 step procedure; the first step is placing the Implant inside the jaw bone which is done as a single sitting under local anaesthesia. Then there is a waiting period to allow natural bone to grow around the Implant. After healing is complete, the post and artificial teeth are placed on top. In SELECTED cases Implant is done as a Single Step Procedure and final Prosthesis is given immediately.

What are the advantages ?

The main advantage of Implant is that at the end of the treatment, the Implant feels and functions like a natural tooth and the patient forgets the presence of any artificial element in the mouth.

The pain, discomfort and aged appearance associated with artificial dentures is eliminated. The looks and speech of the patient remain natural and the chewing efficiency is far superior. Also there is no fear of dentures becoming loose and falling off while eating.

Conventional Bridge

Missing teeth can also be replaced by a bridge. In that case, adjacent teeth are shaped and often root canaled to receive the bridge.


Advantage of Implants over a conventional bridge is that we do not need to grind the adjacent teeth at all. Hence the anatomy of the natural teeth is maintained, which is very important.

How much do Implants cost?

The cost of the treatment depends upon the type and number of implants being used;
Surgical procedures like gum surgery, bone grafting and also the type of final Prosthesis to be fabricated. (Prosthesis may be a Crown or a Bridge or a Denture.

What care is required by the patient?

The success of implants greatly depends on the health of the surrounding oral tissues.
Hence the patients have to be meticulous in maintaining a good oral hygiene and regular follow up visits to the dentist.
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